Week in Review pt. VII - Travel/Shopping

- We actually went somewhere this week! We drove up to Nashville Saturday & spent time with Paul & Ferlie and Veronica (and an aunt & cousin). They are a lot of fun and we had a great time - very relaxed.
- Ate at an amazing international buffet, where we were definitely minorities. Had some octopus, chicken claw, & a few other oddities and your regular Chinese food buffet.
- Went to Aquatic Critter - it was packed and is an outstanding non-chain fish & reptile pet store. Tobermory started off Veronica on pets with a Betta (in the old days they were Siamese Fighting Fish, a much cooler name).
- Paul took us to McKay's a used book store that was more like a library. Very impressive, I think it's in an old Service Merchandise and has an arcane system almost as weird as that old chain. Nonetheless, a great used book & DVD place. I picked up a Sci-Fi Hall of Fame novella anthology from the 70's and Altered Carbon, which has been on my list for a while. Picked up some more Perry Mason for Tobermory.

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