An exhaustive timeline of virtual worlds - very geeky, very cool.

Eliot Cohen argues that politicians, not generals, should direct wartime policy.

The destruction of Saddam Hussein's regime will be televised - Man, I miss Fox News (we've been without it since moving to Priceville, AL (near Decatur & Huntsville) in July - Charter Cable says we'll get it "before the end of the year, we hope"). Even-tu-a-lee.

Now this is an organized religion I can get behind - 'Jedi' becoming a recognized religion (sort of).


I'm gonna encourage our best students to check out Olin College.

Camille Paglia tells it like it is - The Left has lost its way and lost its voice.

I've always been suspect of stealth border state (Union slave state) - Delaware. My suspicions appear justified.

Today was the first day of school. I'm teaching US & World History & coaching football at Austin High School. It looks like it will be an excellent place to teach.


Corante's Premium Blend is a great place for tech business news and a serious column of top-notch links.

Milton Friedman just turned 90. Greatest living economist. Period.

Virginia Postrel's latest columns: NYT - Microsoft, Chicken Delight and Antitrust Policy on modern antitrust thinking.
D Magazine - on Architecture of Megachurches.


god, I love The Onion.


As a history nut, I've enjoyed playing Europa Universalis 2. It covers history from 1420-1819 and you try to rule the world. It is your traditional addictive, time-consuming strategy game with an overdose of western civ. It's top-notch.

One of my favorite authors, P.J. O'Rourke, gives us the Upside of a Down Market.

A massive collection of science fiction and pulp magazines spanning the last century has been donated to the University of Calgary (story). William Gibson (not the author) seems to have spent much of his 92 years collecting, cataloging, storing, & apparently poorly labeling science fiction that covers the genre from the late 1800's all the way to cyberpunk.