Gadget may wreak traffic havoc it changes red lights to green. Gotta get one.

Machinima is a new art form combining video games, animation & filmmaking. It makes perfectly good sense. I've observed that video games are becoming more like movies, so why not just make them into movies. They had a film festival recently.


Victor Davis Hanson on National Review Online on the ongoing victory in Iraq.


PowerPoint Is Evil.
A case in point: The Gettysburg Powerpoint Presentation.

Gizmodo:USB air purifier and more OCD assistance with a hand-sterilizing mouse.

The Alabama Crimson Tide football team is having a tough year.
The 51-43 5OT loss to despicable Tennessee is the latest indignity.


Amazon.com: Search Inside the Book allows you to search the text of thousands of books. I'm in favor.


Carnivale - The Unofficial HBO Original Series Carnivàle Fan Website

One show that we do enjoy is on HBO: Carnivàle. It's odd, ominous and incredibly well-done. The best scripted show on television since the first season of the Sopranos.

NYT article about low TV ratings this fall. They can't understand why TV viewing is down. Maybe the shows are just awful.


We need a Space Elevator...now.