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All they really had to do was give a Senator an iPod.

Yesterday's Senate Commerce Committee hearing on the Broadcast Flag--and its younger, brattier, brother, the RIAA's proposed "Audio Flag"--swung a little wildly from its pre-ordained course - History and Senator Stevens' iPod - EFF: DeepLinks.

Some comic stuff -

Bolt City

Copper - Step-by-Step

The Webcomics Examiner » The Best Webcomics of 2005

Stress » Blog Archive » The first libertarian comic book hero


We've been making this argument for five years now

The Republicans are no longer the party of limited government - Triumph of the Redistributionist Left | csmonitor.com


Penn Jillette has a radio show.

One of our heroes, Penn Jillette, has a one hour radio show and of course it's available on podcast/mp3.


Ok my brilliant friends...

This site is driving me crazy, and I'm up to 26/33 - MENSA INTELLIGENCE TEST. Update:27, no googling!.


Anime Weirdness

Friday on Anime Unleashed while decompressing from Battlestar Galactica - Cromartie High School.


Stardust Canister Opened: 'A Huge Success'

“It exceeds all expectations,” said Donald Brownlee, Stardust’s lead scientist from the University of Washington, Seattle. “It’s a huge success” - Space.com. Sweet.


Conference about my favorite source: Digg.com

Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection: Digg, Del.icio.us, Kaboodle and Wink

Stardust is back

Farthest-traveling and when it reenters, fasting-traveling man-made object NASA's Comet Hunter Stardust is on Final Approach for Sunday Landing (plus cool photo/animations)

Title says it all:

Wired: The 50 Best Robots Ever

15 Tech Concepts You'll Need To Know In 2006

Popular Mechanics


Okay, this is cool.

The Edge of I-Hacked » 100’s of Interesting Google Maps Locations

Reminds me of the good old days of Bureaucracy-busting.

The day before classes started at Alabama every student got an email telling them their classes had been dropped - chaos (nearly) ensued - The Crimson White Online - Errant e-mail confuses students.


Catching up

I have put off posting with the intention of writing an extended holiday post about what a great time I had seeing & talking to our friends & family. Instead I've gotten busy catching up with my online psychology (ugh) classes.

These are the links I have checked out this week:

I bookmarked:

Battlestar Galactica at Wikipedia - Lists of Bests (Movies) (working on the "Desert Island 25") - Internet Review of Science Fiction - The Chronic of Narnia - The Best Game you Never Played - CHESS OPENINGS GUIDE - and, sadly, at my students nagging myspace.com/gatetree.

at del.icio.us:

Torrent Bulletin Board - The 6 Myths Of Creativity - Top-100 essential downloads of free software & freeware for Windows XP - CreativeGuy » Free online file storage/sending

at Digg

What I learned at MIT - Top 10 tips to keep that new computer spyware-free - Five best freeware games of 2005