I've often said that to see where technology is going "follow the porn".
Then, to find the holes in the new technologies, count on 'hackers' of various stripes to take advantage of the clueless.
Wireless internet access has resulted in "warchalking" of access points.
I think this is cool as hell, in a geeky sort of way.

Dynamist author Virginia Postrel returned from vacation with a vengeance on her blog.


Found the government site that traces wildfires - GeoMac - Geospatial Multi-Agency Coordination. It has maps of all U.S. wildfires and up-to-date reports on them.


Discovered a great baseball stats site - Baseball-Reference.com.

A new favorite show - Screensavers - on a new favorite channel - Tech TV.


The NY Times discovers the Skeptical Inquirer.

I may need to take out a loan. Captain Kirk's chair is is on e-bay.

A 'thinking robot' in an English lab makes a break for it.


Circuit City is dropping VHS. We did about 4 years ago.

The incomparable Brink Lindsey takes on Joseph Stiglitz, a Nobel Prize winner in economics who does not get what 'free market' means, at CATO.

Some idiot Brits still worshiping Stalin.
(aldaily - New Statesman)


Neverwinternights goes gold.

Cyberpunk Trains are here.

The contract for the Joint Strike Fighter & how it got done - The Atlantic Online.


The posting has been slow - I've been incommunicado. We are moving from a new house in sunny Gulf Shores, AL to a sagging older house in semi-rural Priceville, AL. Why? Gulf Shores is vastly overrated, my job has not worked out, & the house in Priceville is paid for. We've been driving the length of the state for the last two weeks, making preparations. Right now we only have Earthlink dial-up in Priceville & I left the laptop in Gulf Shores this past week. With no cable ('til Tuesday), we had to get our news from Sprint PCS and we even bought a couple of newspapers (Decatur Daily, Huntsville Times).


These are the books I've been reading this spring.

My desire to get out of teaching is increased by idiotic things like changing authors' works on the N.Y. State graduation exam, so that no one is made to feel uncomfortable. Censorship, violation of copyright, and offensive political correctness - just what I expext from educators.
(Arts & Letters Daily-N.Y. Times)


Cringely on the future of monitors.


When I make the time to read Russ Smith, who edits the alternative New York Press, I always enjoy his work. His latest column questions Bill Kristol's paranoia about President Bush's commitment to fighting terrorism.