I'm usually against telling people how to raise their kids, but since they're vegetarians: Vegetarians Face Child Abuse Charge. It makes me want to smoke some ribs.


I am encouraged by this interview with the designers of Neverwinter Nights.

I'll be looking for a new job in about a month...maybe I'll become a news consultant.


Maybe George Lucas can redeem himself if Harry Knowles review of Episode II is any indication.


Where I'm looking for more computers/gadgets - uBid.

A preview of one of the most anticipated computer games of all time - Neverwinter Nights.


An intellectual Bill of Rights from ifeminists.com.

"Environmentalism, not modern civilization, is tottering. As more critics -- demographers, epidemiologists, toxicologists, climatologists, economists, and, yes, statisticians -- point ever more insistently at the yawning gap between the doomsayers’ claims and scientific and economic reality, the ideologues are becoming ever more frantic to deny the growing contradictions."
(Reason Online)


The Turk - an 18th-century chess-playing automaton/hoax that inspired Charles Babbage.

Bill Gates testified today at the Microsoft anti-trust trial.


This column by David Brooks helps explain the people I call "HAMs" - Hate America Marxists - Among the Bourgeoisophobes.

These are the three shows we try to watch: Trading Spaces, The Osbournes, Insomniac.

I check on Victoria Postrel's Dynamist weblog & generally agree with her (her book), but I'm always pleased to see a feminist like Tammy Bruce who sees the light (her book).


I have always hated Steve "Superior", because he was at Florida. Now that he's gone, I can admit that he's a great coach.

Draft Day: I camp out on the couch and watch the NFL Draft with Chris Berman and Mel Kiper, Jr. I long ago lost my love for the Dallas Cowboys, so now I don't care who wins, but I'll watch the Rams play any time.


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