My Number One Game Obsession

18) I have been playing EASports College Football since Sega was the latest game system.


A fine 5ives list from Merlin Mann:
Five things that should be issued to every American on his or her 14th birthday


We had one of the first DVD players available.

17) We have nearly 1000 DVD’s of movies & TV series at our house.


I must have information

16) For many years I collected almanacs so I could have easy access to important, current information. So, of course, I love the internet, and Wikipedia in particular. (Oddly, the site’s creator’s younger brother lived in our dorm at Alabama).


Honorable Manhood

15) Two things get me choked up from Ken Burns “Civil War” – when George Pickett says, “Up men, and to your posts and remember that today you are from Old Virginia!” and sends them up Cemetery Ridge in Gettysburg to the beginning of the end. And Sullivan Ballou’s letter to his wife before Bull Run, which simply explains it all.



14) My first year teaching, my only year at Hale County High, I completely rebuilt & reorganized the weight room and ran the weight program. Then I completely rebuilt, reformatted, reinstalled, and networked their computer lab. I was an ambitious jock/geek.

The middle of nowhere

I'm ready to mow and the annual mower reclamation project was going along fine. This year's replacement part is a pulley on the mower deck. No big deal. The John Deere dealer two miles away closed. The john Deer Dealer 10 miles away closed (I learned this morning looking into the forlorn empty office). So I get to drive to Athens, or Huntsville, or Cullman. Culman is almost all interstate, and I'm white, so I'm off. It's never simple around here.

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I am a geek, it's that simple.

13) I have read swords & sorcery fantasy novels for years, and in recent years I’ve been reading more science fiction, old and new, and listening to SF short stories & novels while I exercise.


they just don't matter to me

12) I have been the last owner or driver of ten different cars. Seven weren’t worth fixing and three were totaled.


I have goosebumps right now

11) I get goosebumps every time I see the scene near the end of The Last of the Mohicans” when Duncan gives himself up for Cora. That incredible music starts and he says to Nathaniel, “My compliments, sir. Take her and get out!” Duncan burns, Cora lives. Manliest redemption scene in movie history. I have goosebumps right now.


As if you didn't know.

10) I am a freethinker/skeptic/bright.

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Solitude Standing

9) I haven’t thought about it in a long time, but Suzanne Vega’s song, “The Queen & The Soldier” (first song) had quite an effect on me when I was younger. Still gets to me.


Home - for a third of my life

8) Lived in a dorm of very smart guys at Alabama as a student and then as a director for 13 years between 1983 and 2000.


Gave up spying for profit - and got neither

7) When the Soviets ‘quit’ on me, I passed up further ‘government work’ to go to work for PepsiCo/Taco Bell – we planned to get rich selling burritos in St. Petersburg. It didn’t work out.

Just what I've Been Saying

Tobermory finds confirmation I'm not alone: Rorschach is the Hero.


Добрый день (Good day)

6) I was in Army Intelligence and studied Russian for a year in Monterey, California. I got out early because the Osgood-Schlatter’s and bone spurs in my knees finally made it too painful to run.