2005 Compilation of Language Irritants

From a committee at Lake Superior State University in Sault Ste. Marie.

100 things (the UK) didn't know this time last year

Although some of this stuff is overly British and undecipherable, there are some gems - BBC NEWS | Magazine.


According to Wired:

The Best Games You Haven't Played

Tsunami Kills Few Animals in Sri Lanka

Yahoo! News

Google Search a Specific Website

This is probably not new, but I've learned how to search a specific site with Google.
In the search box type: site:webaddress searchterm. For example: site:mikeray.blogspot.com president will pull up all posts containing the word "president". I may be late coming to this, but I'm fired up.

The BitTorrent Effect

I've mentioned BitTorrent to several of my friends & discussed it with some of my students. This article is about the guy, Bram Cohen, who wrote the program - Wired 13.01.

Why can't you backup DVD's?

Go Ask Hollywood - Popular Science


Colorado Man Says His Internet Christmas Lights Were Faked

Talk about a great hoax, this guy was everywhere. I went & "controlled" the lights myself - TheDenverChannel.com.

Several articles on the Sumatran earthquake and tsunami

Yahoo! News Full Coverage - BBC Graphic Explanation


Festivus celebrated in public display

In one of those "open forums" on public property, this one in Lakeland, Florida, someone finally erected a sign celebrating Festivus - The Ledger.


Sedlec: A Tomb outside of Prague

Decorated with bones & skulls - The Wired Jester

Retro Computing

Geek Woman Puts a Commodore 64 in a Joystick - NYT

Erowid Drug Testing Vaults

Drug testing info from someone who clearly has experience.The Basics

The end of the world

Economist mag examines apocalyptic thinking - article.

10 Things We Learned About Blogs


New German 30-acre Solar Power Facility

I know I'm a solar power nut.
I know that this is one thing that really puts me in with the hippies. I don't care!
I don't want solar power because I'm worried about burning fossil fuels.
I want solar power because it's FREE!
There is a power source blasting the earth constantly and we don't use it!
People are stupid. - Link

Small Asteroid Passes Between Satellites and Earth


Mars Opportunity Rover mysteriously clean

I'm thinking the wind? - ABC News Online


AP removes its poll from BCS ratings

One step towards returning to a (slightly modified) world where USC would be playing Michigan in the Rose, Auburn would be playing in the Sugar, Oklahoma would be playing in the Fiesta, and Va Tech would be playing in the Orange. Cal & Texas would be desirable opponents and Utah, Louisville & Boise would probably get stiffed. The voters would decise, just as it should be...Did I say that out loud? - CBS SportsLine.com - more info.

Washington Nationals back on.

The city council reversed itself after some wrangling. I understand the desire not to spend public funds on something like this. But don't say you will, say you won't, then have to say you will.
Oh yeah, it is D.C. - Link

Unlikely stories of 2004

Worldwide weirdness - Yahoo! News

Smith bicentennial renewing debate over Mormon founder

What? Joseph Smith was just making it up? You're kidding. Link

Central Florida sinkhole becomes a monster

Florida Today


Giant Sinkhole Devours Florida Boulevard

We thought we had a problem here at the GateTree - Yahoo! News.


Geek Books & links to geeky shopping

Wired News

Can't we all just get along?

Dave Barry heals the rift between Red & Blue.

The Urban Legends Top 25

It covers all the current wackiness people accept as fact.
Reinforces Rule #1: People are Stupid - Link

Gay porn defeats baseball in D.C.



A different sort of hero

Neighbors complained about this man's diesel truck being in the driveway, so he moved the truck and he painted his house a brilliant shade of fluorescent green.


A hero remembers the Battle of the Bulge

This hero & his platoon of 18 held off several hundred Germans and delayed the offensive by 24 hours. Leaves me speechless. CNN.com

We win, Castro still a loser

Castro's Granddaughter Becomes U.S. Citizen.

Yushchenko Sure Gov't Poisoned Him

AP News


Alek's Christmas Lights Webcam

When it's not 'slash-dotted' you can control the thousands of xmas lights at a home in Lafayette, CO - Link.

A Nation of Wimps

We're weak because most kids never have it hard or are allowed to fail - imagine that - Psychology Today.



Once a KGB spook...

Putin Ends Election of Governors in Russia - FOXNews.com

Ukrainian Update

Pro-western, pro-reform candidate Viktor Yushchenko was indeed poisoned , with Dioxin. The new Ukrainian presidential election has been set for December 26th.


From the Pantheon:

Chef Alton Brown of Good Eats
in an automotive mag, of all things. Excellent article.


POPULAR MECHANICS 1954 Home Computer Prediction

Computer CEO's not so smart after all: It's A Hoax!


HG Wells & Scifi

A book reviewer who admits what we already know, scifi is often much better than 'fiction'. New Statesman - Books

The Freedom Haters

A Wash. Post note by your average columnist. But even she is appalled by leftists who think the freedom movement in Ukraine (where blue meets green on the Risk board) is some CIA plot. That gives the CIA too much credit and is insulting to people struggling to avoid a return to Russian (Soviet) domination. (washingtonpost.com)


THE ZOOMQUILT | a collaborative art project

Incredibly cool web art: THE ZOOMQUILT.

IBM to Quit Making PCs

I guess people will really look at me weird when I accidentally say, "IBM-compatible", just like the other day when I said "record store" - Wired News.


Wired Tools 2004


Italian doctor who fooled Nazis

The trick of prescribing Jews with a mysterious illness terrified the Nazis and saved 45 Roman Jews - BBC NEWS .


Science Geek Gifts for All

Wired News

Kellogg CEO chosen for Commerce post

I do not want to hear that anyone does not have an opportunity to better themselves in America. This guy's family fled Cuba & he began with Kellog as a delivery driver - USATODAY.com.


Taking separation of church & state a little too far

The Declaration of Independence was banned at San Francisco Bay-area school because it mentions god.


FCC Crackdown Could Spread

This is why grandstanding conservatives drive me crazy. Fortunately we live by the rule of law & the Supreme Court has routinely ruled in favor of freedom of speech. Wired News.

"Guard, beat the source."

Michael Koubi worked for Shin Bet, Israel's security service, for 21 years and was its chief interrogator from 1987 to 1993.


Anda's game

Cory Doctorow in Salon

How 'Dungeons' changed the world

"I didn't play Dungeons & Dragons all those years without learning a little something about courage. D&D article



My favorite agnostic & former leftist rips the liberals yeat again

Bush's Secularist Triumph The left apologizes for religious fanatics. The president fights them. By Christopher Hitchens

The Myth of the Working Poor

City Journal Autumn 2004


A US Soldier on FoxNews

"They have been hitting at us and hitting at us for a year. They don't know what's coming...Hell's coming." Not a good time to an islamo-fascist terrorist in Fallujah if you ask me.


Why Bush Won.

As fine an explanation as I have read - A Coalition of Conviction by Kate O'Beirne at washingtonpost.com

The Incredibles: Another Pixar Winner

In Wired News

From the Flying Cars Department

BBC NEWS: Flying taxi vision for commuters.

Ivory Coast

France doesn't think that a country should occupy a nation that produces a rare commodity, even when it is violation of UN decisions - Unless it is a cocoa-producing, former French Colony - the Ivory Coast.


Sci-fi fans called into an alternate reality | CNET News.com

CNET News.com


Really love the county map of the Presidential election - a lot of those blue states are actually quite red - USATODAY.com.

Michael Barone

usnews.com: Columnists: Michael Barone: 2004 archive


Hewn and Hammered

A weblog edicated to any and all aspects of Craftsman, Mission, Prairie and related architectural and design styles.

Mike's 30-Day Novel

Yeah, we'll see.


Dynamist Blog: What Will the Election "Prove"?

Virginia Postrel is a fine woman. With whom I've actually exchanged e-mails.


Secret GOP Weapon

The Scots-Irish vote

Cyrus McCormick and the Problem With Agriculture

The invention was essential to turning this third-world country into the world’s largest economy.


The greatest equations ever

From Arts & Letters daily: The Guardian has launched a project that has Brits writing to Ohio voters urging them to ... to what? Ohio voters are now writing back... more(hilarious)» ... Guardian in hasty retreat.


Real men still exst:

I've always liked Curt Schilling, he's an Everquest geek, but this is the best: Cadaver Used to Help Fix Schilling's Ankle - they stitched his tendon in place & he pitched with a bloody sock. Right up there with Byron Leftwich.


From the Man-Machine Interface Dept.:

Paralysed man sends e-mail by thought through electrodes connected to his brain. Yes!


OK. I admit it. Drugs are bad.

MM called to console me because my long-lost twin brother,Ken Caminiti, 1996 NL MVP, steroid user, cocaine consumer is dead at age 41.


X-Prize Winner


Christopher Hitchens vs. the Islamofascists

"He (an Irish Socialist Hitchens was debating) said these Islamic fascists are doing this because they have deep-seated grievances. And I said, 'Ah yes, they have many grievances. They are aggrieved when they see unveiled woman. And they are aggrieved that we tolerate homosexuals and Jews and free speech and the reading of literature.'" An interview with Hitchens by a leftist who's sad to see him go.

Bama Game Notes

Alabama has put their press packet for each game online as a pdf.


DNC fortunate son ad under fire - Likely Bedfellows.


Can't wait:

Oh, My, God - Farscape: The PeaceKeeper Wars


The Peacekeeper Wars - Farscape World

The Peacekeeper Wars - Farscape World - schedule.

Episode Guide - Farscape World

Episode Guide - Farscape World

MSNBC - Smelly robot eats flies to generate its own power

MSNBC - Smelly robot eats flies to generate its own power

Wired News: Slide Rule Still Rules

I must admit I have an attachment to slide rules. My dad was an engineer for years & I remember having a contest with a friend's older brother between his slide rule & my new-fangled TI calculator that my dad ordered for me once I had saved $26 dollars, so I could do stats for the baseball game I made up & my various football board games - Wired News: Slide Rule Still Rules and here & here.

Visible Earth Browse: Sensors > Terra > MODIS Page 1

Pictures of Earth from satilites: Visible Earth Browse: Sensors > Terra > MODISH Page 1 scary good.

Our kind of place, too bad it's in France: In a secret Paris cavern, the real underground cinema.



A website devoted to the book Kerry wrote against Vietnams that he has tried to suppress - JOHN KERRY'S THE NEW SOLDIER.



My friend Brad is head coach of South Lamar & they won their opening game.

Kerry citation a 'total mystery' to ex-Navy chief

Kerry citation a 'total mystery' to ex-Navy chief



Great Colunm from the WSJ about all the Olympic athletes from countries liberated by the U.S. since WWII.





Women's road cycling silver medalist Judith Arndt made an obscene gesture as she crossed the finish line. She was upset because they didn't put her close friend Petra Rossner on the Olympic team.


Now this is cyberpunk come to life: A Blue Tooth Harddrive Tooth Implant.


CL & I went to Nashville yesterday to visit Paul and Ferlie. We visited the Bicentennial Mall, checking out the Tennessee Wall of History (including James K. Polk) and the WWII Memorial that had a huge granite globe floating in a fountain. We also went to a fine barbeque place, Jack's, and to the Mexican Restaurant & Ice Cream joint that Paul touted recently. All lived up to expectations. We had a great time. Fine conversation and a late drive home.


32,000 Jobs Added; Unemployment Rate Falls to 5.5 Percent

32,000 Jobs Added; Unemployment Rate Falls to 5.5 Percent



DeHaye For Mayor Blog

An old friend, Mike DeHaye, is running for mayor of Huntsville - DeHaye For Mayor Blog - We were baseball stats nuts & wargames players together. Also - MichaelDehaye.com.




Wired News: Fark Sells Out. France Surrenders

Wired News: Fark Sells Out. France Surrenders

Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Book extract: How To Be Idle by Tom Hodgkinson

Guardian Unlimited | Book extract: How To Be Idle by Tom Hodgkinson - great quote: "I would question the sanity of a religion that holds up the ant as an example of how to live. The ant system is an exploitative aristocracy based on the unthinking toil of millions of workers and the complete inactivity of a single queen and a handful of drones."


A Post for Emily

Emily McMackin, who is the Current Page Editor for the Decatur Daily, contacted me for an article she's writing on blogging, probably vastly overestimating my usefulness.
A little Googling indicates that she's an award-winning journalist & a fellow Alabama grad who has a a number of her articles posted at other sites, including: MOVE International, Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform, and a mental retardation textbook.

Here is the list of prominent blog's I said I would post:
Instapundit, Andrew Sullivan, Dynamist Blog,
Geek Culture: boingboing, slashdot,
Gadgets: Gizmodo & Engadget, Moblogs: textamerica, and The linkblog: FARK.

I think she's actually more interested in "people blogs" than this stuff, but I said I would, so I have. Good luck Emily, please e-mail if the article materializes in print or online. -mr


Posting has been slow lately because of the inevitable football season slowdown. I'll post a schedule and keep everyone informed about Black Bear Mania.


The boys who made South Park are after liberal-scmiberals and terrorists, with a true Thunderbirds motif:TEAM AMERICA.

gapingvoid: how to be creative


So much for religious toleration & separation of church & state: Three Tampa city council members walk out during atheist's invocation.

The truth about the lazy (cowardly, lying, collaborating) French is out & they're ticked - Secret of working without working revealed!

The Movie Skeptics blog is taking on a life of its own.

Our friends paul and ferlie have their blog up & running. They are very cool.


The Next Great Space Race: SpaceShipOne and Wild Fire to Go For the Gold

Reason Magazine at the - Conventions.

MAXIMONLINE: Navy Steel: The USS Ronald Reagan.


Doing what you say you're going to do: T D F - 2 0 0 4 : canal le Tour.


35 years ago today: Human Space Flight (HSF) - Apollo 11.


ESPN.com - GOLF - Harig: Hamilton traveled far and wide for championship

Come & get me! - "Lance Armstrong cleared his path to a record sixth straight Tour de France crown, overpowering rivals to win the 13th stage Saturday. His two-day display of dominant mountain riding has all but decided cycling's showcase event even before it veers into the Alps next week." - Yahoo News

Ban on violent videos struck down - Best decision quote: "Would a game built around The Simpsons or the Looney Tunes characters be "realistic" enough to trigger the Act? Is the level of conflict represented in spoofs like the Dukes of Hazard sufficiently "aggressive?" Do the Roman centurions of Age of Empires, the enemy officers depicted in Splinter Cell, or the conquering forces of Freedom Fighters qualify as "public law enforcement officers?" (from boing boing



SI.com - Secrets of SI's Where Are They Now? issue

"In certain parts of the country this will get you shot.":
Bay Minette mayor charged after uninvited entrance.
I think Bay Minette is one of those parts of the country.


Leonardo made plans for a self-propelled car - L'automobile di Leonardo da Vinci - Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza and here.


One of our heroes - Thomas Sowell - ECONOMICS:Low Taxes Do What?.

From retroCRUSH - AMC cars from the mid 70's: The Pacer & Gremlin...oh my.

Our Alabama state government's efficient use of our tax dollars - Waste finder loses job.

From the People should not be able to regulate what they don't understand Dept. - Wired News: Congress Looks Out for Hollywood.

Let the liberal-scmiberal hand wringing begin - US hands over sovereignty in Iraq.

We have started a movie blog - Movie Skeptics.



Space Elevator talk from real scientists.


Apparently we don't have the right to remain silent: Wired News: Court: Names Must Be Revealed.

Unfairenheit 9/11 - The lies of Michael Moore. By Christopher Hitchens

Video of SpaceShipOne.

Wired News: Private Space Shot a Success

Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski told fans on a B5 Usenet group that he and Dark Skies creator Bryce Zabel have put together an idea for a new Star Trek series - Sci Fi Wire -- The News Service of the Sci Fi Channel.


Cool fonts: Typenow.net and Uncle Bear : A Different Kind of Roleplayer's Site - Fonts.

The sort of thing we would do if we'd written DOOM: Armadillo Scores Test Liftoff Success In Bid For X Prize.


Despite what history's footnote said last week - Black Males More Likely to Hit the Books than the Cellblocks - Newswise.

Sweeping stun guns to target crowds New Scientist.

Viewer's Guide to Monday's First Piloted Private Space Flight

The World Wide Website of Ricky Jay

The Secret Life of Newt Gingrich

local6.com - News - Israel Plans 'Remote-Control' Border


From the Wall Street Journal - Michael Newdow is right. Atheists are outsiders in America.

Historic Space Launch


UN inspectors: Saddam shipped out WMD before war and after - WorldTribune.com.

CNN.com - Research: Endangered mouse never existed - Jun 11, 2004

Fred Barnes reviews a book that examines sports as a reflection of society - OpinionJournal - Leisure & Arts



The great Carey Snowden sent me this one from Strategypage.com: THE WAY THINGS REALLY WORK: More Atheists in Foxholes.

I just started Gene Wolfe's new book - The Knight (The Wizard Knight, Book 1). It looks to be good. I really enjoyed Shadow & Claw and Sword & Citadel. They are part of a larger cycle of books I haven't attacked yet : Books of the New Sun.


Alton Brown, the geek's chef, in Wired 12.06: The Thermochemical Joy of Cooking.


The first electronic computer, Colussus, built by the first cybergeeks at Bletchly Park to outsmart the Nazis, is back - BBC NEWS - Return of Colossus marks D-Day.

America, Recuse Thyself!
So the world's mad at us? Maybe we should just say goodbye.
BY P.J. O'Rourke OpinionJournal - Extra.


We are so proud of our corrupt ex-governor: Siegelman indicted.


Cyberpunk is now: TheFeature :: RFID Chips for VIPs in Barcelona nightclub - run a tab with chip implanted in your shoulder.


Private rocket ship sets altitude record - New Scientist.


Okay, here's the deal on the G4TechTV merger.

Stopdesign | The New Blogger


Now this is science - Electricity produced from human waste - Power from the bottom line - SpecialsScience - www.smh.com.au


Not a completely useless nation yet: My Way News: "U.S. Soldiers Re-Enlist in Strong Numbers".


Penn & Teller


No-Off by Nob Yoshigahara

One of the strangest sites of all time:Subservient Chicken.

Sims 2 Screenshots



EFF: Mini Links

Robolympics 2004 Photos


My favorite columnist hits another one out of the park with his analysis of the death throes of al QaedaVictor Davis Hanson on al Qaeda and America's mission.


Short bio of Deadwood's Seth Bullock.


More on the reality passing cyberpunk front - Lethal weapon - www.theage.com.au.

We met some guys working with this for Stardust ay Marshall Space Flight Center a few years ago - Hinterlands.cc -> 03/26/04: Aerogel.


I really enjoy Screensavers. I hope this doesn't kill it - Wired News: Comcast Buys TechTV.



Are some pigs more equal than others? Is that why people are harrassing these guys? Newsday.com: Whites-Only Scholarship Stirs R.I. College.

Roll Tide. Get some.

Deadwood sounds like it could be worth the time.

Find out about presidential campaign donations by area & by specific people - Fundrace.org.


The guy making 'Sky Captain' Mr. Invisible and the Secret Mission to Hollywood. (via /.)

Penn & Teller's influence - Evil dihydrogen monoxide. (via Fark)


Sometimes an underappreciated student has just had enough. See this rant. (via boingboing)


This is the latest popular quiz. I'm a 73. Libertarian Purity Test.

William Safire: Privacy in Retreat.


Latest metablog - BlogPulse [BETA]: Automated Trend Discovery for Weblogs.

The most popular page on the web this week - Touring Chernobyl "dead zone".

Gimli is a right-thinking guy - who knew? - John Rhys-Davies on National Review Online.

Did a Comet Trigger The Great Chicago Fire?


1978 Reinhold+Yeti


Scientists are resetting cells. So we can live forever. How nice.

I love listening to science geeks - Mars Exploration Rover Mission.


All of Calvin & Hobbes in online - Calvin and Hobbes at Martijn's - Calvin and Hobbes Extensive Strip Search.


Drenched in water - Mars Exploration Rover Mission: Press Releases.

New gadgetblog from gizmodo founder - www.engadget.com.

Water Once Filled Mars Opportunity Rover Landing Site.


NASA to Announce 'Significant Findings' of Water on Mars Tuesday.

The real John Kerry - elitist swine.

Stalinist Red Crabs taking over Barents Sea - Stalin's last army - hordes of gigantic crabs on their way to invade Europe.

My mother's people have come to their senses after a century of temperence foolishness - Wales - Whisky launch revives tradition.

Naval Academy prof. on Clausewitz- PARAMETERS, US Army War College Quarterly - Spring 2004.

Fianlly a sci-fi/fantasy movie brings it home - OSCAR.com - 76th Annual Academy Awards - Winners List - Lord of the Rings brings home 11.


Not surprising, but the anticipated next step - NASA Ponders Signs of Water-Bearing Mineral on Mars.



Apparently on 1/13/04 - Earth was almost put on impact alert...

Censorship is back. This is a leading reason to vote Libertarian - BuzzMachine... by Jeff Jarvis.


What's going on in Haiti? - Rebel Fighters Converge on Haiti Capital.


This is what I love about technology. Take something mundane - a computer - and replace it with something compact, portable, and really cool - A computer made up of 5 'pens'. At Wave Report.


This man is the best columnist writing today. Period. Victor Davis Hanson on National Review Online.

Wouldn't it be fine - Sunday Telegraph - Bin Laden 'surrounded'.

I just registered for EBay & PayPal this afternoon (to sell off some junk). Why do I feel like I've signed my life away?

Run Ralph Run! Less than Pleased with Bush, but this ought to seal the deal for him - Nader to Jump in Presidential Race.


I have made this argument myself recently - Martha McCarthyism - Stewart is on trial for who she is, not what she did.


Redesigned and ready for some market forces: Yahoo! Search.

Scientists have revived eight million year old bacteria. I'm a pro-scientific reaearch man, but it is a little spooky.

One of the best Flash games I've seen: GROW move items to the middle to build rubegoldbergesque devices.


This is the best way to get my kids interested in The Battle of New Orleans RevMen Movies. Scroll down past the bikini babe & click on BONO Realplayer. Worth it.

I enjoyed this - The Chronicle: 2/20/2004: The Adjective -- So Ludic, So Minatory, So Twee. I found it edifying.


This place is a lot of fun - moviemistakes.com.

I found a lot of information at this site. Kerry appears to be even worse than advertised - Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry.


Here we go - Scientists develop new hydrogen reactor.


The maker of the Quizno's commercials: We like the moon at rathergood.com.



Hot on the trail of KaZaa, a fine headline:Wired News: Please Don't Squeeze the Sharman.


It's finally happened - I've started by own country in the Pacific: Jennifer Government: NationStates.

Intersting read, includes Rulon! - MJ FEATURE: The 25 Toughest Guys in America.

The latest browser is out: Mozilla Firefox - The Browser, Reloaded.


These are the most disturbing commercials I've seen in years:Quiznos Subs.


IFILM Super Bowl Ads

A Denis Dutton book review of DOUBT: A History -The Great Doubters and Their Legacy From Socrates and Jesus to Thomas Jefferson and Emily Dickinson - (washingtonpost.com).

CNN.com - Early tests show deadly ricin in Senate mailroom - Feb. 2, 2004


Rover News - Reuters.

Victor Davis Hanson on War on National Review Online: The Mind of Our Enemies.

Thank the Law of Averages (our household god) for Georgia making "idiot fundamentalist redneck" news instead of Alabama for once
- CNN.com - Georgia considers banning 'evolution'.


Let the arguing begin: Indians pitcher from Japan performed in a gay video Ohio News Network.

Now just aggravating & usually wrong, but hard to ignore - OSCAR.com - 76th Annual Academy Awards - Nominees.


Oh my - Philips to mass produce electronic paper displays.

A great column summing up the evil of banning DDT - The Australian: Christopher Pearson: Green errors began with DDT.


I always like Dennis Miller, even when he was a little leftist. Now that he's playing for the home team, I might even tune in: My Way News.



Rover News:
Opportunity lands while Spirit sleeps
Opportunity is already taking pictures
JPL for the latest


Fill out the questionaire & it let's you know which candidate has the most similar views - AOL Presidential Match Main - Maybe we should make everyone vote this way...

Flash game alert - Dolphin Dash - nonstop, addictive, surf guitar. Must stop know...

The World's Most Dangerous Geek - Justin Frankel, who invented WinAmp & Gnutella and then went to work for the man - AOL. An actual interesting article from - RollingStone.com.

The second-best use of broadband (behind ESPNRadio broadcasts) - IFILM.

The Second Mars Rover on this mission, Opportunity, is about to land and the software problems with its twin, Spirit, are being worked on. European orbiter, Mars Express, has found the best evidence yet of the existence of Martian water. (mercurynews.com)
It'd be nice to have somebody there to hit Ctrl-Alt-Del.


One of our favorites, John Stossel, has a new book out this week: Give Me a Break : How I Exposed Hucksters, Cheats, and Scam Artists and Became the Scourge of the Liberal Media.


From the Sad but True Department: Republican Congress spending like 'drunken sailors' - OpinionJourna.

This may have decided the title of toughest South Korean ever - a POW returns home after 50 years - The Washington Times.

Dean's lost - check out this video - FOXNews.com and this article.

The Weekly Standard: Nine reasons why we never sent our Special Operations Forces after al Qaeda before 9/11.

Teenage girl's x-ray vision baffles scientists.

Hilarious: The George W. Bush Conspiracy Generator.



There are several gems in this AP article: Space Race vs. China, space-based weapons & missle defense, and did anyone know that the moon is a source of potentially unlimited energy in the form of the helium 3 isotope -- a near perfect fuel source: potent, nonpolluting and causing virtually no radioactive byproduct in a fusion reactor?


The Editor of the skeptic argues that Mr. Christian and the other Bounty mutineers were driven by their evolutionary desire to return to their Tahhitian women:A Bounty of Science.

This will cut into my free time: Five million World War II aerial photographs to be posted on the Internet.

Nutty but conceivable: Does our water come from space snowballs?

From the Decline and Fall Department: Move over, Hello Kitty: New characters are taking over the kingdom of cute.


The most prominent historical figure of North Alabama: The Wheeler Legacy.


Victor Davis Hanson on National Review Online.

Admittedly I am a proponent for chaos. So it's no surprise that I'm entertained by the endless parade of unintended consequences that Sims Online has become. People played The Sims because they could control their world and build up an entertaining fantasy self, much as we geeks have been doing for years. By making it an online world with few controls, they allowed the adolescent in everyone to run wild and unleashed the tyrrany of those with too much time on their hands. Chaos indeed. I'm entertained.


Howstuffworks "How Terraforming Mars Will Work". I've spotted a theme.

A kid in Fort Worth was suspended for accidentally sending the message HEY! to all the computers in his school. Some 'educators' are stupid.

Power Line: Lid Blown Off O'Neill/Suskind Hoax.

Been waiting for this one - Mars Fullscreen panoramic image in Quicktime VR - QTVR from panoramas.dk.

Yes!! - Bush Outlines Plan for 2015 Moon Landing.


MSNBC - Kodak to stop selling traditional cameras. Wow...

The New York Yankees
Circle I Limbo

Militant Vegans
Circle II Whirling in a Dark & Stormy Wind

Circle III Mud, Rain, Cold, Hail & Snow

Parents who bring squalling brats to R-rated movies
Circle IV Rolling Weights

Bill Clinton
Circle V Stuck in Mud, Mangled

River Styx

PETA Members
Circle VI Buried for Eternity

River Phlegyas

Osama bin Laden
Circle VII Burning Sands

Circle IIX Immersed in Excrement

Circle IX Frozen in Ice

Design your own hell


Edge asks "What is your law?"


CRL reminded me of the #1 TV episode site - epguides.com.

This article reminded me that "The Bear" by Faulkner had more effect on me when I was 17 than perhaps anything I've ever read - Jonathan Yardley at washingtonpost.com.

CRL will love this: Fontifier.

VDH's latest column demonstrates that little has changed in U.S.-European-Middle Eastern relationships in the last 30 years - until the current efforts of the U.S. & Israel.

What more could we ask for? - Bush Plans To Call for Settlement On Moon.


THE most important thing happening rignt now: Mars Exploration Rover Mission.


Brit govt. asked the people to come up with a bill;The people want to be able to legally shoot burglars;MP calls Brits bastards;Govts. don't really want to know what people think. - Independent.co.uk.

We're living in Robert Anton Wilson's World - Illumanatus! - Reasonmag.

Mars Rover Spirit has landed - Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Times Square at New Year's Eve - New Year Celebration in New York - Full Screen QTVR photos from panoramas.dk. This is too cool.

Love gadgets, love calculators (bought one through the mail from TI in 1974 to do stats for a homemade baseball game). So I found this one interesting:
The CURTA Calculator Page