One of our heroes - Thomas Sowell - ECONOMICS:Low Taxes Do What?.

From retroCRUSH - AMC cars from the mid 70's: The Pacer & Gremlin...oh my.

Our Alabama state government's efficient use of our tax dollars - Waste finder loses job.

From the People should not be able to regulate what they don't understand Dept. - Wired News: Congress Looks Out for Hollywood.

Let the liberal-scmiberal hand wringing begin - US hands over sovereignty in Iraq.

We have started a movie blog - Movie Skeptics.



Space Elevator talk from real scientists.


Apparently we don't have the right to remain silent: Wired News: Court: Names Must Be Revealed.

Unfairenheit 9/11 - The lies of Michael Moore. By Christopher Hitchens

Video of SpaceShipOne.

Wired News: Private Space Shot a Success

Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski told fans on a B5 Usenet group that he and Dark Skies creator Bryce Zabel have put together an idea for a new Star Trek series - Sci Fi Wire -- The News Service of the Sci Fi Channel.


Cool fonts: Typenow.net and Uncle Bear : A Different Kind of Roleplayer's Site - Fonts.

The sort of thing we would do if we'd written DOOM: Armadillo Scores Test Liftoff Success In Bid For X Prize.


Despite what history's footnote said last week - Black Males More Likely to Hit the Books than the Cellblocks - Newswise.

Sweeping stun guns to target crowds New Scientist.

Viewer's Guide to Monday's First Piloted Private Space Flight

The World Wide Website of Ricky Jay

The Secret Life of Newt Gingrich

local6.com - News - Israel Plans 'Remote-Control' Border


From the Wall Street Journal - Michael Newdow is right. Atheists are outsiders in America.

Historic Space Launch


UN inspectors: Saddam shipped out WMD before war and after - WorldTribune.com.

CNN.com - Research: Endangered mouse never existed - Jun 11, 2004

Fred Barnes reviews a book that examines sports as a reflection of society - OpinionJournal - Leisure & Arts



The great Carey Snowden sent me this one from Strategypage.com: THE WAY THINGS REALLY WORK: More Atheists in Foxholes.

I just started Gene Wolfe's new book - The Knight (The Wizard Knight, Book 1). It looks to be good. I really enjoyed Shadow & Claw and Sword & Citadel. They are part of a larger cycle of books I haven't attacked yet : Books of the New Sun.


Alton Brown, the geek's chef, in Wired 12.06: The Thermochemical Joy of Cooking.


The first electronic computer, Colussus, built by the first cybergeeks at Bletchly Park to outsmart the Nazis, is back - BBC NEWS - Return of Colossus marks D-Day.

America, Recuse Thyself!
So the world's mad at us? Maybe we should just say goodbye.
BY P.J. O'Rourke OpinionJournal - Extra.