I can't look away from 'cool site' lists

PC Magazine's Top 99 Undiscovered Web Sites and other sites

For PLink, Carey, TW and all my military geek friends

World Military Strength Ranking

My job situation has been improved immeasurably.

At school I've used Wikipedia as a quick reference for nearly everything, particularly student questions about something of which I'm not sure. I didn't realize my addiction until it was blocked by the school (by mistake/poor decision-making). I complained enough that it has finally been unblocked. Thank the Law of Averages!


I told P.C. about this story a while back

One scifi-writer/boingboing-blogger Cory Docotorow's best stories - "0wnz0red" in Salon

Drink up

The Ririan Project™: 10 Reasons To Drink More Water - article is well-done & the blog is pretty good, although it's derivative.

Why do I feel sympathy for a frozen rock millions of miles away?

SPACE.com -- Pluto is Now Just a Number: 134340