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2006 LifeHack Review: Best 50 hacks for your Life

Oh my

A list of year-end lists - yes!

Video Links

Outstanding collection of links to video all over the internet - OVGuide.

Another Fine List

The Top Ten Films of 2006 -- In No Particular Order After #1 at Cinematical..

They Burn Witches Don't They?

Our general positions over at I'd Offer You Some.


"Let the 'End-of-the-Year' Lists Proliferate"

Time is, of course, not my favorite source for things, but there are some slightly under the radar sites if you're not too much of a web junkie - "50 Cool Websites".



Which one is the lesser evil anymore?

We've been on this for a while and now the big guns have come out - Liberaltarians by Brink Lindsey at Cato and in The New Republic.


Chess master...Terrorist!?!

Now is not soon enough for Putin and the old KGB (and the old CIA for that matter) to be gone - Garry Kasparov: 'We will march!'. More.


Ugly Duckling

I'm working on new CSS for the blog from scratch. I went to 456 Berea Street and worked through a how-to. The colors are intentionally awful & I'm still working through some other stuff. It's been pretty fun & much easier than I expected.


I'm not alone

Somehow I picked up on this stripping down & redoing meme out of the ether - SimpleBits.


Update your AVG!

AVG Free Advisor: Installation files & documentation

Ben Cook at Lindys with a great take on the coach search thing

A handbook on how to play "Coach Search": "Sit back and wait and see just who eventually winds up behind the podium being introduced at a press conference ... and hope your man doesn't look scared to death when he's up there.That could be a sign that you will be playing the game again in three or four years."