An excellent Slate column about the THG obsession sweeping sports Needles and Pens - The sportswriter's obsession with steroid scandals.


The One - On ESPN2's chess championships, Garry Kasparov tries to stop the rise of the machines. - I saw some of this, it was fun. I must admit to pulling for 'man' in this one.

A column from August about Alabama's own Roy Moore by my favorite reformed English socialist - Moore's Law - The immorality of the Ten Commandments. By Christopher Hitchens.


The Onion is the funniest thing online - Mom Finds Out About Blog.

We may be CourtTV junkies, but I just can't see how this guy got off COURTTV.COM - TRIALS - Millionaire Durst acquitted of neighbor's murder.

At retroCRUSH it appears that the JLA & Avengers have actually faced off, after all these years.

From Ain't It Cool News a four-hour wrapup of Farscape is in the works. I really enjoyed the show, but its friday showtime clashed with football & I'd fall behind the complicated plots & then have to catch up. I'm fired up about the finale getting done.


(In a Dr. Phil accent) What you've got to do is get tough and stop expecting therapy to solve your problems - Telegraph | Arts | We need to pull ourselves together.


With the season slipping away for Alabama, it's time to be thinking about recruiting - TheInsidersRecruiting.com: Scout™ Database.

An informative column on why American's can't get good intelligence in Arabic countries by Spengler in the Asia Times.


More reality becoming cyberpunk - CDs 'could be history in five years' - storage media is the key people.


Along the lines of the copter game is:Albino Blacksheep - Flash / Defend Your Castle.

Since we've gooten Bellsouth Broadband recently I've been reacquainting my self with sites like - IFILM. There's a lot of entertainment value there.

Along those same lines, but more fun is this one - Which famous artist most reflects your personality? - Quizilla.

I took the Myers-Brigs personality test at SimilarMinds.com - Free Personality Tests and Community and came out a "Promoter". If: Bored, then: Give it a try.