These are our kind of filmmakers

2005 Liberty Film Festival was held this October 21-23, 2005 in West Hollywood. Just reviewing the list of films will make you feel better. (expands on post from Tobermory).


Not a particularly great list, but interesting...

Total Film (a British film site/mag) has put together a book of the 100 Greatest Movies Of All Time. (expands on a link from Tobermory).


Newt weighs in.

Newt Gingrich was a great backbencher in the 80's and helped change America (mostly for the better) with the "Contract with America" congressional victory in 1994. He picked the wrong fights when he got in charge & he should have held off on the book deal, but he knows what he's talking about. (Unfortunately he does still believe government can solve problems.) Nonetheless he seems quite reasonable these days and voices my thinking on Bush's nomination of Miers quite succinctly. There is no way Bush will nominate a "Souter" - Newt G.

Okay, I may have to come out of retirement.

Europe's top chessboxer packs a punch

Okay Firefly/Serenity Friends (& Freaks)

The first nine minutes, free & legal.Vividas Streaming Page


I love geeks, particularly science+history geeks

MIT:2.009 Product Engineering Processes: Archimedes Death Ray: Idea Feasibility Testing

My favorite poet

Recordings of Dylan Thomas reading his works and those of others (you have to sit through an ad at Salon.com but it is well worth it.

Update: An Salon-free link to my favorite poem: Do not go gentle into that good night.


Our rights are deteriorating before our eyes.

The evil of government bureaucracy & secrecy knows no party lines - DenverPost.com.


We've all heard of being attracted to men in uniform...

Here is an obsessive post of women in uniform by someone at an odd place called - Iran Defence Forum. Tobermory with a shotgun. That is an impressive (and scary) sight.
found while visiting a site gone by memepool.

Adding a new Hero to the pantheon

Don Kirlin - Building Your Own Air Force, One Mig at a Time - Wired.

Somehow this sad excuse for a fanpage is still on the interwebs:

Farscape Links - I canceled my account & moved away over three years ago...

The finest of MST3K obsession I've seen in quite a while

Movie Poster Index and the website it's on.