Demand, meet your supply

What happens in 'my America' when it becomes profitable to make alternative fuel: Scientists genetically modify bugs that eat waste and excrete crude oil.

A Silicon Valley scientist decides: "I was not angry since I came to France until this instant!" and then things get done. I'm in.



Really enjoyed the Trailer Park Boys Movie - website.

Mid-June Report

- Finally got the lawn tractor running and rolling properly (new belt/fix-a-flat) and mowed down by the road. Still have the pasture to go.
- Finished teaching the first two weeks of summer school and have begun to judiciously spend my hard-won lucre.
- Visited my Dad at the VA Hospital in Birmingham a couple of times. The heart/fluid issue seems to be getting resolved.
- I'm considering reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy, despite its popularity.
- We've added a couple of Greek Tortoises, who may well get a 'Turtle Table' today, while the Box Turtle & the Redfoot are enjoying the newly expanded 'Turtle Corral' outside.
- Started reading Naming the World and other exercises for the creative writer.
- Have continued to work out consistently - did 25 minutes on the hated elliptical trainer.
- Found an incredible Shatner spokenword/ST:TAS mashup video - Common People.


Week in Review

- I was on "vacation" this week.
- Like everyone with any sense, I'm excited about our Mars mission. One of the most impressive photos ever (our spaceship taking a picture of another one of our spaceships landing on Mars, ftw) and ice! As I tell my students, their job is "To allow me to live forever and to get me off this rock."
- Drove to Tuscaloosa last Saturday (Bromide) and Anniston (Dad) on Wednesday.
- Clyde visited Saturday & we hung out.
- I've been clearing out ad-ware & viruses on Tobermory's friend's computer and a little ad-ware off my own. I like AVG, AdAware, Spybot, SpywareBlaster and CCleaner.
- Got caught up on Top Chef, I'll work on Battlestar Galactica this week.
- I start teaching Summer School tomorrow. I'll do both US History I and II. I'll try to continue the work I've done this week on my AP & Honors planning while the students are working.
- Worked out on Tuesday & Friday with R.S. Up to 17 minutes on the hated elliptical.
- More to come.