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Mike's 30-Day Novel

Yeah, we'll see.


Dynamist Blog: What Will the Election "Prove"?

Virginia Postrel is a fine woman. With whom I've actually exchanged e-mails.


Secret GOP Weapon

The Scots-Irish vote

Cyrus McCormick and the Problem With Agriculture

The invention was essential to turning this third-world country into the world’s largest economy.


The greatest equations ever

From Arts & Letters daily: The Guardian has launched a project that has Brits writing to Ohio voters urging them to ... to what? Ohio voters are now writing back... more(hilarious)» ... Guardian in hasty retreat.


Real men still exst:

I've always liked Curt Schilling, he's an Everquest geek, but this is the best: Cadaver Used to Help Fix Schilling's Ankle - they stitched his tendon in place & he pitched with a bloody sock. Right up there with Byron Leftwich.


From the Man-Machine Interface Dept.:

Paralysed man sends e-mail by thought through electrodes connected to his brain. Yes!


OK. I admit it. Drugs are bad.

MM called to console me because my long-lost twin brother,Ken Caminiti, 1996 NL MVP, steroid user, cocaine consumer is dead at age 41.


X-Prize Winner


Christopher Hitchens vs. the Islamofascists

"He (an Irish Socialist Hitchens was debating) said these Islamic fascists are doing this because they have deep-seated grievances. And I said, 'Ah yes, they have many grievances. They are aggrieved when they see unveiled woman. And they are aggrieved that we tolerate homosexuals and Jews and free speech and the reading of literature.'" An interview with Hitchens by a leftist who's sad to see him go.

Bama Game Notes

Alabama has put their press packet for each game online as a pdf.