Jersey Democrats scramble as it becomes likely that Toricelli's scandal may hand Senate back to GOP.


Michael Bellesiles is a liar. His research for his award-winning anti-gun book Arming America has turned out to be mostly fabricated. According to the History News Network, it appears that Emory University is actually going to have to do something about him.

I am a southerner. I am a historian. Therefore, I study the War Between the States/American Civil War. I have no cornbread-fed illusions that slavery was not the heart of the matter. There's no doubt that it was evil and had to go. Nonetheless, I am not excited about government-employed historians providing "context" and de-emphasizing the actual battles at our National Park Battlefields. The usually-acceptable U.S. News & World Report provides an insightful article on the matter, but unfortunately favors the socialists.


P.J. O'Rourke has been the ultimate smart-ass libertarian/Republican for the last 15 years. His 'travel' articles are some of his best work, and he's got a new one - Letter from Egypt - in the Atlantic.

Those wacky Wright Brothers - Supersonic test plane uses 'wing warping' .

Nicholas Negroponte explains why Wi-Fi "lily pads and frogs" will transform the future of telecom. I don't always agree with him, but he is is the founder of the MIT Media Lab.

Isidore's remnant headed for us by Friday AM. I'm usually "happy when it rains", but another rainy football game would be annoying.

I like Stephen Pinker. His books aggravate the pseudo-intellectuals, and that's really all you can ask from an scientist/author.


Virginia Postrel writes about using a mathmatical model to decide whether or not to go for it on fourth down. I can't ask for much more in a NYT article.


Bernard Lewis wrote an excellent and extensive article that clearly answers one of today's most pertinent questions, "Why do Islamic terrorists (and people) hate the United States?".

From Jan. 02, "What Went Wrong" with the islamic world.

A recent interview with Lewis - The Patriarch of the Islamicists.


Theodore Dalrymple in the City Journal, "Havana stands as a dreadful warning to the world against the dangers of monomaniacs who believe themselves to be in possession of a theory that explains everything, including the future".


My brother-in-law Patrick Link finished second in the National Security Decision Making Game at DragonCon 2002.

U.S. war plans vs. Iraq at Strategy Page.

Cyberpunk continues to sneak up on us - the invisibility cloak. Take a photo image of what's behind & display it on the front - simple (and incredibly complex).

We've been saying it for years, the right is just more fun than the left. The LA Weekly compares The Weekly Standard with The Nation and agrees.