Segway hasn't quite changed the world. I still want one.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is rocking along. - CNN Money


In 1968 Robert Conquest upset the west by showing the Soviet Union was an evil murdering empire. The Left loudly denounced him. He was right (of course).


We recently got Daniel C. Dennett's Darwin's Dangerous Idea. Amazon called it "One of the best descriptions of the nature and implications of Darwinian evolution ever written." Matt Ridley (author of Genome) reviews Dennett's new book - Freedom Evolves.

BarBQ in a southern culture mag. Description of Dreamland sparked my memory..

Article in The Washington Times about The Three Stooges. Nyuck, nyck.


Susan Lee explains the difference between conservatism and libertarianism in the Wall Street Journal.

NASA engineer's email warned of 'catastrophic' failure with tires on Columbia.


Larry Miller is a funny guy who's actually not a commie - in The Weekly Standard.

Residents challenge D.C.'s gun ban. - Wash Times


Armed Cuban border guards in Key West. - (from Dave Barry)

Happy 92nd President Reagan. Even the intelligentsia is beginning to recognize his greatness.

I ask again, "Is Europe still relevant?" - Anti-Americanism Moves to W. Europe's Political Mainstream.

Cyberpunk money, but from France?

Is Europe still relevant? - NATO rift.

Dude, you got busted.

Computers printed on paper in Business 2.0.

From the Blowing Things Up Dept.: Simultaneous Strategic Bombing Strike at Strategy Page. (from my friend Carey)


Cyberpunk invisibility cloaks.

Now Tuscaloosa will seem completely different when I visit.- CNN. (from Jeff R.)

Article on Space Shuttle tiles & insulation. - Wash Post.


It appears that Saddam's head bodyguard is in Israel revealing WoMD secrets - Herald Sun.


Great column on Columbia at GlennReynolds.com.

Space exploration continues; Russian cargo rocket blasts off for space station. - MercuryNews

"NASA chiefs 'repeatedly ignored' safety warnings" - Don Nelson, retired mission operations evaluator, in UK's Observer.


Space Shuttle Columbia broke apart this morning over Texas.

Tardblog. True, but not for the faint-hearted.

Richard Dawkins almost makes genetics entertaining.

For anyone who has had to sit through this sort of thing: If the Gettysburg address were butchered on PowerPoint.

Art historians continue to argue over Leonardo da Vinci.

At the UN, on Weds., Colin Powell will reveal intelligence info that clearly demonstrates Iraqis hiding weapons. - MSNBC