2005 Compilation of Language Irritants

From a committee at Lake Superior State University in Sault Ste. Marie.

100 things (the UK) didn't know this time last year

Although some of this stuff is overly British and undecipherable, there are some gems - BBC NEWS | Magazine.


According to Wired:

The Best Games You Haven't Played

Tsunami Kills Few Animals in Sri Lanka

Yahoo! News

Google Search a Specific Website

This is probably not new, but I've learned how to search a specific site with Google.
In the search box type: site:webaddress searchterm. For example: site:mikeray.blogspot.com president will pull up all posts containing the word "president". I may be late coming to this, but I'm fired up.

The BitTorrent Effect

I've mentioned BitTorrent to several of my friends & discussed it with some of my students. This article is about the guy, Bram Cohen, who wrote the program - Wired 13.01.

Why can't you backup DVD's?

Go Ask Hollywood - Popular Science


Colorado Man Says His Internet Christmas Lights Were Faked

Talk about a great hoax, this guy was everywhere. I went & "controlled" the lights myself - TheDenverChannel.com.

Several articles on the Sumatran earthquake and tsunami

Yahoo! News Full Coverage - BBC Graphic Explanation


Festivus celebrated in public display

In one of those "open forums" on public property, this one in Lakeland, Florida, someone finally erected a sign celebrating Festivus - The Ledger.


Sedlec: A Tomb outside of Prague

Decorated with bones & skulls - The Wired Jester

Retro Computing

Geek Woman Puts a Commodore 64 in a Joystick - NYT

Erowid Drug Testing Vaults

Drug testing info from someone who clearly has experience.The Basics

The end of the world

Economist mag examines apocalyptic thinking - article.

10 Things We Learned About Blogs


New German 30-acre Solar Power Facility

I know I'm a solar power nut.
I know that this is one thing that really puts me in with the hippies. I don't care!
I don't want solar power because I'm worried about burning fossil fuels.
I want solar power because it's FREE!
There is a power source blasting the earth constantly and we don't use it!
People are stupid. - Link

Small Asteroid Passes Between Satellites and Earth


Mars Opportunity Rover mysteriously clean

I'm thinking the wind? - ABC News Online


AP removes its poll from BCS ratings

One step towards returning to a (slightly modified) world where USC would be playing Michigan in the Rose, Auburn would be playing in the Sugar, Oklahoma would be playing in the Fiesta, and Va Tech would be playing in the Orange. Cal & Texas would be desirable opponents and Utah, Louisville & Boise would probably get stiffed. The voters would decise, just as it should be...Did I say that out loud? - CBS SportsLine.com - more info.

Washington Nationals back on.

The city council reversed itself after some wrangling. I understand the desire not to spend public funds on something like this. But don't say you will, say you won't, then have to say you will.
Oh yeah, it is D.C. - Link

Unlikely stories of 2004

Worldwide weirdness - Yahoo! News

Smith bicentennial renewing debate over Mormon founder

What? Joseph Smith was just making it up? You're kidding. Link

Central Florida sinkhole becomes a monster

Florida Today


Giant Sinkhole Devours Florida Boulevard

We thought we had a problem here at the GateTree - Yahoo! News.


Geek Books & links to geeky shopping

Wired News

Can't we all just get along?

Dave Barry heals the rift between Red & Blue.

The Urban Legends Top 25

It covers all the current wackiness people accept as fact.
Reinforces Rule #1: People are Stupid - Link

Gay porn defeats baseball in D.C.



A different sort of hero

Neighbors complained about this man's diesel truck being in the driveway, so he moved the truck and he painted his house a brilliant shade of fluorescent green.


A hero remembers the Battle of the Bulge

This hero & his platoon of 18 held off several hundred Germans and delayed the offensive by 24 hours. Leaves me speechless. CNN.com

We win, Castro still a loser

Castro's Granddaughter Becomes U.S. Citizen.

Yushchenko Sure Gov't Poisoned Him

AP News


Alek's Christmas Lights Webcam

When it's not 'slash-dotted' you can control the thousands of xmas lights at a home in Lafayette, CO - Link.

A Nation of Wimps

We're weak because most kids never have it hard or are allowed to fail - imagine that - Psychology Today.



Once a KGB spook...

Putin Ends Election of Governors in Russia - FOXNews.com

Ukrainian Update

Pro-western, pro-reform candidate Viktor Yushchenko was indeed poisoned , with Dioxin. The new Ukrainian presidential election has been set for December 26th.


From the Pantheon:

Chef Alton Brown of Good Eats
in an automotive mag, of all things. Excellent article.


POPULAR MECHANICS 1954 Home Computer Prediction

Computer CEO's not so smart after all: It's A Hoax!


HG Wells & Scifi

A book reviewer who admits what we already know, scifi is often much better than 'fiction'. New Statesman - Books

The Freedom Haters

A Wash. Post note by your average columnist. But even she is appalled by leftists who think the freedom movement in Ukraine (where blue meets green on the Risk board) is some CIA plot. That gives the CIA too much credit and is insulting to people struggling to avoid a return to Russian (Soviet) domination. (washingtonpost.com)


THE ZOOMQUILT | a collaborative art project

Incredibly cool web art: THE ZOOMQUILT.

IBM to Quit Making PCs

I guess people will really look at me weird when I accidentally say, "IBM-compatible", just like the other day when I said "record store" - Wired News.


Wired Tools 2004


Italian doctor who fooled Nazis

The trick of prescribing Jews with a mysterious illness terrified the Nazis and saved 45 Roman Jews - BBC NEWS .