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This must be stopped.

The Ad: The mesmerizing ad for HeadOn. - Slate
and The Quackery: James Randi's Debunking


Back from Tuscaloosa

We've had a fun weekend. Paul & Ferlie visited on Thursday. Friday we went down to Tuscaloosa & got to hang out with Patrick and his housemates. Got to eat at City Cafe and Rammer Jammers. All's right with the world.


We'll be checking this site regularly

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Hermits again.

Carey stayed with us til Thursday - we watched several episodes of Season 1 of Deadwood, some bad movies on On Demand and had an outstanding time. We'll see him again soon. We'll go back to being Hermits 'til the DQ game reforms on the 22nd. (Except for a visit by Ferlie & Paul next week).


Almost everyone who reads this has been here

* I finished teaching summer school on Friday 6/30 - it was a grind, but well worth it - $.
* On Friday I played low-money, high-fun poker with my coaching/teaching guys - Lewis, Richie & Mitchell. Had a fine time.
* Billy came late Friday night - we played a game of PS2 NCAA Football and then Cassondra, Billy & I took a very entertaining trip to Wal-Mart in the middle of the night.
* We started playing the new EASports Head Coach game - it is incredibly addictive for OCD football micromanagers like me (and Billy, and Mike).
* On Saturday morning Roach joined us and by afternoon, Joel, Mike M., Mandy, and a their traveling friends, a cool couple with a happy baby, Emma, were all here to eat Billy's barbeque.
* We cooked and played Head Coach all afternoon.
* Billy, Mike, & I stayed up 'til three finally drafting our new players with a night full of trades & free agent signings.
* They took off on Sunday.
* On Monday Cassondra & I got her turtle corral organized and put up the fencing in front of the porch. Carey came to visit and stay with us on Monday - it's great to have him here.
* He spent the 4th with us - we watched Deadwood & cooked out twice (fine Ribeyes at 10pm). I finished putting the low rock wall around the turtle corral. Miss Fred immediately laid eggs in the soft dirt - it was a biological event.