Almost everyone who reads this has been here

* I finished teaching summer school on Friday 6/30 - it was a grind, but well worth it - $.
* On Friday I played low-money, high-fun poker with my coaching/teaching guys - Lewis, Richie & Mitchell. Had a fine time.
* Billy came late Friday night - we played a game of PS2 NCAA Football and then Cassondra, Billy & I took a very entertaining trip to Wal-Mart in the middle of the night.
* We started playing the new EASports Head Coach game - it is incredibly addictive for OCD football micromanagers like me (and Billy, and Mike).
* On Saturday morning Roach joined us and by afternoon, Joel, Mike M., Mandy, and a their traveling friends, a cool couple with a happy baby, Emma, were all here to eat Billy's barbeque.
* We cooked and played Head Coach all afternoon.
* Billy, Mike, & I stayed up 'til three finally drafting our new players with a night full of trades & free agent signings.
* They took off on Sunday.
* On Monday Cassondra & I got her turtle corral organized and put up the fencing in front of the porch. Carey came to visit and stay with us on Monday - it's great to have him here.
* He spent the 4th with us - we watched Deadwood & cooked out twice (fine Ribeyes at 10pm). I finished putting the low rock wall around the turtle corral. Miss Fred immediately laid eggs in the soft dirt - it was a biological event.

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