Not surprising, but the anticipated next step - NASA Ponders Signs of Water-Bearing Mineral on Mars.



Apparently on 1/13/04 - Earth was almost put on impact alert...

Censorship is back. This is a leading reason to vote Libertarian - BuzzMachine... by Jeff Jarvis.


What's going on in Haiti? - Rebel Fighters Converge on Haiti Capital.


This is what I love about technology. Take something mundane - a computer - and replace it with something compact, portable, and really cool - A computer made up of 5 'pens'. At Wave Report.


This man is the best columnist writing today. Period. Victor Davis Hanson on National Review Online.

Wouldn't it be fine - Sunday Telegraph - Bin Laden 'surrounded'.

I just registered for EBay & PayPal this afternoon (to sell off some junk). Why do I feel like I've signed my life away?

Run Ralph Run! Less than Pleased with Bush, but this ought to seal the deal for him - Nader to Jump in Presidential Race.


I have made this argument myself recently - Martha McCarthyism - Stewart is on trial for who she is, not what she did.


Redesigned and ready for some market forces: Yahoo! Search.

Scientists have revived eight million year old bacteria. I'm a pro-scientific reaearch man, but it is a little spooky.

One of the best Flash games I've seen: GROW move items to the middle to build rubegoldbergesque devices.


This is the best way to get my kids interested in The Battle of New Orleans RevMen Movies. Scroll down past the bikini babe & click on BONO Realplayer. Worth it.

I enjoyed this - The Chronicle: 2/20/2004: The Adjective -- So Ludic, So Minatory, So Twee. I found it edifying.


This place is a lot of fun - moviemistakes.com.

I found a lot of information at this site. Kerry appears to be even worse than advertised - Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry.


Here we go - Scientists develop new hydrogen reactor.


The maker of the Quizno's commercials: We like the moon at rathergood.com.



Hot on the trail of KaZaa, a fine headline:Wired News: Please Don't Squeeze the Sharman.


It's finally happened - I've started by own country in the Pacific: Jennifer Government: NationStates.

Intersting read, includes Rulon! - MJ FEATURE: The 25 Toughest Guys in America.

The latest browser is out: Mozilla Firefox - The Browser, Reloaded.


These are the most disturbing commercials I've seen in years:Quiznos Subs.


IFILM Super Bowl Ads

A Denis Dutton book review of DOUBT: A History -The Great Doubters and Their Legacy From Socrates and Jesus to Thomas Jefferson and Emily Dickinson - (washingtonpost.com).

CNN.com - Early tests show deadly ricin in Senate mailroom - Feb. 2, 2004