Games: EA Sports NCAA Football 2003 is out. The only console game that really matters. Start practicing now.


Books/Food: Alton Brown rules. He's written a great book - I'm Just Here for the Food. Read it, now.

Easing my way into the Creative Class (at Amazon).
(Arts & Letters Daily)

Terrorism: Gilles Kepel at Open Democracy argues that Islamic terror is a sign of the failure of extremists to mobilize the Islamic World. (I know, he's French).
(Arts & Letters Daily)



Jeff Sharlett, editor of the website Killing the Buddha, explains what the author of the Lone Patriot missed about militiamen.

The Office of Naval Research is coordinating efforts to develop a system of autonomous fighting machines - the "Multimedia Intelligent Network of Unattended Mobile Agents, or Minutemen", reports The New York Times.

First synthetic virus created. - Isn't science wonderful?

Posting has been particularly slow because I've been gradually moving for the past month. I've been spending most of my time with U-Haul.

How to deal with space debris?


Warchalking and WiFi in Business Week Online.

We have got to get to Mars (here, here, and here). Even if we have to go with the Russians.


Just so the Arabs know, the Israelis have 400 nukes. Consider yourselves warned.


Anne Coulter's new book - Slander: Liberal Lies About the American Right - is Number 1 on Amazon.com and the Wall Street Journal and will be at the New York Times. She pulls no punches.


I always love reading about The Death of Socialism.

Smokin' the doob is linked to schizophrenia. No!?! They must be kidding. Wonder if there's a study that shows it's linked to lying on the couch & ordering pizza?


The darkside of hackers/snake oil salesmen taking advantage of holes in internet technology & customers' ignorance (here and here).