So much for religious toleration & separation of church & state: Three Tampa city council members walk out during atheist's invocation.

The truth about the lazy (cowardly, lying, collaborating) French is out & they're ticked - Secret of working without working revealed!

The Movie Skeptics blog is taking on a life of its own.

Our friends paul and ferlie have their blog up & running. They are very cool.


The Next Great Space Race: SpaceShipOne and Wild Fire to Go For the Gold

Reason Magazine at the - Conventions.

MAXIMONLINE: Navy Steel: The USS Ronald Reagan.


Doing what you say you're going to do: T D F - 2 0 0 4 : canal le Tour.


35 years ago today: Human Space Flight (HSF) - Apollo 11.


ESPN.com - GOLF - Harig: Hamilton traveled far and wide for championship

Come & get me! - "Lance Armstrong cleared his path to a record sixth straight Tour de France crown, overpowering rivals to win the 13th stage Saturday. His two-day display of dominant mountain riding has all but decided cycling's showcase event even before it veers into the Alps next week." - Yahoo News

Ban on violent videos struck down - Best decision quote: "Would a game built around The Simpsons or the Looney Tunes characters be "realistic" enough to trigger the Act? Is the level of conflict represented in spoofs like the Dukes of Hazard sufficiently "aggressive?" Do the Roman centurions of Age of Empires, the enemy officers depicted in Splinter Cell, or the conquering forces of Freedom Fighters qualify as "public law enforcement officers?" (from boing boing



SI.com - Secrets of SI's Where Are They Now? issue

"In certain parts of the country this will get you shot.":
Bay Minette mayor charged after uninvited entrance.
I think Bay Minette is one of those parts of the country.


Leonardo made plans for a self-propelled car - L'automobile di Leonardo da Vinci - Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza and here.