A review of Matt Ridleys new book, Nature via Nurture, in The Guardian.

Ye Newe York Times - the Weekly Standard


The Onion - Christopher Hitchens forcibly removed from trailer park after drunken confrontation.


Weekly Standard humorist Larry Miller puts the Iraqi Museum hub bub in perspective.


This sounds like our best bet yet for privately-funded, manned space flight.
Scaled Composites, Inc. is chasing the $10 million X Prize.

A report on chemical weapons in Iraq - FoxNews, NYTimes.


"Democracy!, Whiskey!, Sexy!"
- a newly freed Iraqi with the right ideas - Najaf, Iraq - April 4, 2003.

The last couple of weeks has been quite an experience. We watched Saddam's soldiers in Baghdad & the rest of Iraq fold up like a cheap tent; We watched the Left implode as they could not not digest the success of George W. Bush, the American military & the United States; And we finally had indisputable evidence that CNN has indeed been the Compromised News Network all along.

Of course we had to watch tapes of Brit Hume and Fox News because floundering Charter Cable cannot seem to make the little blinking lights line up (or balance their books). Nonetheless this sweeping victory for the War on Terror, the Bush Doctrine, and the people of Iraq has the Leftists reeling, again.
I'll say it again - "Democracy! Whiskey! Sexy!"

There was a flurry on the web and here's a recap of what we enjoyed most:
As usual James Taranto's Best of the Web at the Wall Street Journal was invaluable, as was the Weekly/Daily Standard. NewsMax.com was usually first with the controversial (meaning bad for the Left) stories.

CRL read and recommends: The War over Iraq: Saddam's Tyranny and America's Mission by William Kristol & Lawrence F. Kaplan to explain what's going on with the Bush Doctrine.

Others we enjoyed this week:

Victor Hansen Davis had two good columns:
4/10 - Leftists imploding, 4/11 - Unprecedented in military history.

Andrew Sullivan kept us aprised of Leftists Imploding.

Compromised News Network's mea culpa.

I have enjoyed Hugh Hewitt's columns in the Daily Standard this week:
(4/10 - Liberals imploding, 4/15 - Compromised News Network).

Corrupted News Network by Gary Aldridge in NewsMax.com.

Order your copy of the Deck of Death.


In downtown Baghdad:
On one street, a white-haired man held up a poster of Saddam and beat it with his shoe. A younger man spat on the portrait, and several others launched kicks at the face of the Iraqi president.
"Come see, this is freedom. This is the criminal, this is the infidel," he said. "This is the destiny of every traitor. He killed millions of us."
-Fox News

Sign held by two Iraqis in downtown Baghdad, 4/9/03, shown on FoxNews/SkyNews,
"Go Home Human Shields, from Iraqis".


Music to my ears - Bagpipes play as Black Watch takes Basra.

Iraqui general seeks refuge, shares info - Times Online.


How should the U.S. administrate/govern post-war Iraq?
In Policy Review, Stanley Kurtz provides a blue print for Democratic Imperialism.
By way of - Arts & Letters Daily.

Blogging has been slow & I apologize to my reader(s?).

War Coverage
I constantly check FoxNews.com because they update frequently when action is fast moving. They have video from correspondents and a pro-American attitude.

I also check the Washington Times, which has more newspaperesque stories.

I look to NewsMax.com for news/commentary on stories that FoxNews won't speculate on, like the Marine commander who was removed for not moving fast enough, should France/UN not be involved in post-war reconstruction, and polls supporting this and further military action. And of course the NewsMax.com led boycott of France.

The Wall Street Journal's Best of the Web provides links to the best and worst war coverage each weekday. The Opinion Journal page is great, of course.

The best columns on the war are consistently being published by The Weekly Standard. Matt Labash's story about being in Kuwait/Iraq with P.J. O'Rourke/Christopher Hitchens is one of the best things I've read since the war began.


I've been finding the best links on the war at Wall Street Journal - Opinion Journal.