Southerners have generally put aside our dislike for all things New York and have expressed admiration for the everyday heroism displayed by the NYPD & FDNY. John Shelton Reed accurately describes this in Our Kind of Yankee.
(Blogistan-MCJ-Opinion Journal)


Libertarians for slavery by Charles Paul Freund for ReasonOnline is excellent - "People did not use emerging concepts of liberty to claim greater personal rights at the expense of others; they used such ideas to expand the rights of ever-greater numbers of their fellow citizens as they were presented with their demands."


I'll have a leg.


Excellent piece from Foreign Policy - Business versus Terror by David J. Rothkopf.


Tunku Varadarajan is exactly right concerning divas and the 'new' Star-Spangled Banner.

It seems to me that it's just hard to have fun anymore without people complaining. But sometimes a teacher can go a little too far.


Okay, George Lucas, all is forgiven. Clones ruled. I'll be going back when I recover from going to the midnight show. Instead of sleeping like on old man, I'm reverting to child hood - I need my 8 & I'm not getting it.


We're going to see Attack of the Clones at midnight. I'll let you know.


Is it any surprise that Jimmy Carter is lying for Castro?


A Man Who Would Shake Up Science.

Larry Miller, contributing humorist to The Daily Standard (and comedian), provides a great take on the Middle East.

As a cryptogeek and historian, I need to see this movie - Enigma.


Mitochondrial DNA - Bryan Sykes explains it all in
The Seven Daughters of Eve - (Salon review).


I saw this guy on Fox News, Shannon Reeves, a black Republican from Oakland, who was just tremendous.

Excellent - Jonah Goldberg, NRO Editor, on censorship.

As a southerner I was brought up with a latent emnity for General Ulysses S. Grant. For the last two years I've been teaching "U.S. History until 1900" and I've shown Ken Burn's Civil War as the penultimate event in the class. I've learned to see Grant as the general the Union needed to win the war. He achieved all three land-war objectives for the Union (Central Tennessee, Vicksburg, & Richmond) and knew it must be a war of attrition. His leadership skills have become the subject of a book & recently in Slate, Chris Suellentrop reconsiders Grant's Presidency as well.

Helpful art/prank as form follows function on the L.A. Freeway.

What more could you ask for - Hubble Wallpapers.


We're getting closer to the future Oscar Goldman promised us - Bionic eyes.


Apparently Jesse Jackson's Shakedown has reached Microsoft.

Mark Steyn describes how the "Ugly European" has replaced the "Ugly American" in The Spectator.


The "Magic Box" may be THE scam of the Information Revolution.


Interesting article describing Japan's emergence as a cultural superpower.
(Arts & Letters Daily)


I love window shopping at this place - ThinkGeek.