A War to Be Proud Of

Christopher Hitchens is the best ex-leftie EVAR.

This one might interest Tobermory (or any other Graphic Artist freaks out there).

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Frustrated by Ignorance (what else is new?)

I hope all two of you have been entertained by my coverage of the Flying Spaghetti Monster movement - Pastafarianism. I've latched onto this because, well first because it's funny, but also because I see otherwise intelligent kids in my class every day who are being taught by their families/church that the earth is 6000 years old. I tell them that Asian hunters crossed into North America during the last Ice Age over 12,000 years ago and that the fossil rock on my desk is about 350 million years old and the kids with actual families, who feed them & take them to church, their little eyes boggle with cognitive dissonance. I explain (very briefly) the decay of Carbon 14 and how these things are determined, but I'm standing against the almighty. I wonder if the adoption of radical ideas by so many kids in college is aided by the fact that thier families fill them up with this ascientific claptrap before they get there. So useful ideas like reason, liberty, & patriotism, are tossed out when the kids reject the absurdities their parents foisted upon them. (Okay I'm definitely not getting a principal's job any time soon).


Sheehan undone.

Interesting - Bush shown kissing Cindy Sheehan on cheek at first meeting - WorldNetDaily

He's out there, watching...


Summer Reading

I read these this summer, all 3000 pages & now I'm at a bit of a loss. Stuart history is one of my favorite periods & Stephenson is one of my favorite writers. It will take a little while for me to go back to fiction. For now I'm reading Gladwell's The Tipping Point.



Links I'm adding:

LiveScience.com, JunkScience.com, & OpinionJournal - Best of the Web Today.

Cool. But I'm not sure I could live in them.

The micro compact home and Six Houses of the Future. (from Boing Boing).

Could explain alot...

Is Your Boss a Psychopath? in Fast Company.


There is a double boatload of fun on this page.

Internet phenomenon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

All Hail the Noodly Master

Coming soon to a school board near you, the Flying Spaghetti Monster (from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). The latest attempt by fundamentalists to inject religion into science, this time in Kansas, has led to demands for recognition by the cult of the "Noodly Master".
The Original Open Letter
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Evironmentalists responsible for shuttle problems.

Gotta research this. I spoke to teacher whose husband works for NASA. She said the problem with the foam coming off the tank began when they stopped techs from cleaning the fuel tanks using foam made with freon! Interesting.

Update: Here's a NewsMax article with a similar, but slightly different, take.
And JunkScience two years ago.


Amazing Redneck Video

All of you must watch this video montage of great redneck photos -
set to Duelling Banjos of course - Link.



This was a Canadian worth learning about

Last Canadian Victoria Cross winner Ernest Alva (Smoky) Smith dies - "The pair were no sooner into a ditch when a Panther came toward them, firing all the way. Smith waited until the 45-tonne vehicle was less than 10 metres away before he jumped out from his cover, laid down and fired back. He scored a direct hit, disabling the tank."

Immediately, 10 German Panzergrenadier troops jumped off and charged him. "I killed four of them with my tommy gun. That scared them off. They were up close -- about 10 feet or so."
Another tank opened fire. More enemy began closing on Smith's position. Smith grabbed more magazines and "steadfastly held his position,'' said the citation.

"It was just a bunch of rocks,'' Smith said. "You're not fighting on the prairies, you know. You try and keep out of sight. You find yourself a hunk of ground you can hang on to. That's the way you win wars, I think.'' He fired another round at an approaching tank. It turned away. As each German neared him, Smith fired at them. The rest eventually turned and withdrew "in disorder,'' the citation said. "Even Germans don't like to be shot,'' Smith said.

Dead Germans lay strewn all over the road. "I don't take prisoners. Period,'' Smith said 60 years later. "I'm not paid to take prisoners. I'm paid to kill them. That's all there is to it.''


Calling General Pershing.

I don't think we realize how serious the border problem is. Mexican mercenaries expand base into U.S.. Something is going to have to be done. Or the border just sort of disappears. I could see that.

Just speculating on a hypothesis

Just as we are getting more mobile access to information and communication as indivduals (with cellphones & wifi), the dueling banjos of Islamo-fascism and 'personal preference as public policy' self-righteous do-gooders seek to erode our way of life and our freedoms. Until the majority starts taking the war being waged against our system from the outside seriously and recognizes that our rights as individuals are being slowly eroded by the socialist 'love of banning things' at home, we're in trouble.