There have been few posts because I have been a little out of sorts since we (The University of Alabama) lost to Auburn. I really want Coach Fran to stay, but I want him to end the speculation that he may go to Texas A&M - now. In a particularly vicious column, Paul Finebaum lets Coach Fran have it.

Radio Shack just figured out that it's annoying to have to give your address just to buy an adapter or something.

I like my Amazon.com personalized recommendations, but TiVo sounds a little creepy.

Reason magazine interviewed Dave Barry. Both are entertaining libertarians.

Review of the latest H. L. Mencken biography.

Swiss audio lab agrees - Bin-Laden did not make recent tape.


He was one of the pantheon of my childhood. I grew up playing chess and Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess was the book we learned from. Plus he was a Cold War hero. I've always wondered exactly what happened to him. An article in the Atlantic shows how his life has become A Beautiful Mind without the happy ending. It's sad.


Alabama finally has a new governor - Republican Congressman Bob Riley. It means no lottery, but...the lesser of two evils and all that.

The Segway Human Transporter is now available on Amazon.


Bill Safire sounds the alarm about Homeland Security/Big Brother.


Changes in NASA'a budget at SpaceRef.com.


Kicking a liar while he's down. Evan Stephenson at HNN says Emory didn't hit Bellesiles hard enough.

Andrew Sullivan on why Bush continues to outsmart the opposition.


US Army uses laser weapon to shoot down artillery shells. Sweet.


I'm glad we're not the only one's who think that The Sopranos & South Park are libertarian-themed shows. Radley Balko, The Agitator, makes the case for The Sopranos at Fox News: Views.


Another proud day for Alabama - the gubernatorial election is disputed.

We love learning about scientists around here. In Jenny Uglow's new book, Lunar Men, she tells us about a group of late 17th-century English scientists who changed the world. (review)