The Weekend

  • I sent off my short story, "The Ancient Bridge", to the L. Ron Hubbard Writer's of the Future competition. (It's just about the only thing of his legacy untainted by Scientology.) My story is a straightforward sword story, coming of age - with the help of an old warrior. It's late in their contest's quarterly judging, so I sent it on in. I'll get a rejection in a month or so and send it to your better mags, and once they reject it, I'll find an e-zine to publish it.
  • It was a lazy Saturday of planning a turtle corral and driving around (Saturday driving). There are a lot of expensive and really ugly houses in east Decatur, between the Country Club and Point Mallard. I also tried to rescue one of our tomato plants that outgrew its stake.
  • Sunday was chores - trash cans, finally took down the back gutter (I was covered in mud and had to spray off the patio), cleaned out the professionsal mop bucket, moved some weeds & vines we'd cut down into the woods, transplanted a small sassafras tree (let's hope), moved some stuff into Patrick's room/storage, emptied out this cool old cedar chest that will go into the bedroom, somewhere in their I took a nap, & later on I cooked steaks for supper. We'll watch Deadwood on HBO on Demand tomorrow.

  • 6.18.2006

    Weekend Adventuring

    Spent all day & night Saturday running a Dragonquest roleplaying game based in the world of my short story, "The Ancient Bridge" with six of my good friends from college. A fine time was had by all.

    Interesting and a little unsettling

    HUMAN EVENTS ONLINE - Bush Administration Quietly Plans NAFTA Super Highway - The American public is largely asleep to this key piece of the coming “North American Union” that government planners in the new trilateral region of United States, Canada and Mexico are about to drive into reality.


    BBC NEWS | UK | England | Southern Counties | Honours for Britain's oldest man

    Honours for Britain's oldest man - 110 year-old WWI vet - : "In the past Mr Allingham has put the key to his old age down to 'cigarettes, whisky and wild, wild women'."



    The Hazards of the New Online Collectivism By Jaron Lanier - Edge.