We may kill every Islamo-fascist terrorist, but we have let them have an effect on our way of life that will be hard to roll back...

One morning in late September 2005, Deborah Davis was riding the public bus to work in Denver, Colorado. She was minding her own business, reading a book and planning for work, when a security guard got on this public bus and demanded that every passenger show their ID. Deb, having done nothing wrong, declined. The guard called in federal cops, and she was arrested and charged with federal criminal misdemeanors after refusing to show ID on demand.

Of course they took a picture of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

New Scientist Breaking News - Living camera uses bacteria to capture image


The GateTree

Building a new spare look for The GateTree.

Favorite Movies

Tobermory & Paul & I have been slowly building our top 50 movie lists - Here's some space movie inspiration - SPACE.com -- The Best Space Movies of All Time!

Our namesake passed away today

RIP Link Wray 1929-2005 - Hillbilly Hall of Fame - Wikipedia


The Unnatural Natural - kinda odd, a little sad & a great story.

It was supposed to be a simple story about a mysterious senior-softball phenom whose legend was growing in America's heartland. Of course, nothing is simple. KnowledgePlex


American Hero

Tasha Henderson got tired of her 14-year-old daughter's poor grades, her chronic lateness to class and her talking back to her teachers, so she decided to teach the girl a lesson. She made Coretha stand at a busy Oklahoma City intersection Nov. 4 with a cardboard sign that read: "I don't do my homework and I act up in school, so my parents are preparing me for my future. Will work for food."


I think the end of Western Civilization is in sight

USNews.com: John Leo: We're all victims

They started the Revolution without telling anyone...

In the Pittsburg Post-Gazette, of all places, a great column - The riots in France put the apologist industry into overtime - the "disaffected youth" shout "Allahu Akbar" as they toss Molotov cocktails into churches and synagogues. They talk of turning Paris into "Baghdad on the Seine."



WMDs Found in Iraq

Let this be a warning.

All the Republican school board members that backed intelligent design were ousted yesterday in York County, Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette via Tobermory via Neal Boortz.


Catching up with The Screensavers

Y'all may recall that I was a big fan of The ScreenSavers on TechTV before it was cannibalized by G4 and eventually transformed into Attack of the Show (man what a stupid name). I've watched it a little recently & it's better than it was but still not like the old show. Googling the old hosts revealed a cavalcade of video & audio webcasts that are much like the show I used to really enjoy - Patrick Norton's DigitalLife TV, Leo Laporte's this Week in Tech (with Patrick as well), and Kevin Rose has several projects and also backs digg - which is a great tech news source. These guys were like the 'tech evening news' & I'm glad to see they've adapted. I guess I will too.


Solar Power Update

InformationWeek - DARPA Funds Solar Power For Battlefield

The show is a lot of fun & I enjoy seeing people get carried away.

statesman.com | How 'Lost' reinvented television

Cyberpunk Becomes Reality, part...I forget.

The liner used a sonic blaster to foil the pirates. Developed by American forces to deter small boats from attacking warships, the non-lethal weapon sends out high-powered air vibrations that blow assailants off their feet. - Sunday Times Online


If I were one, I'd be Catholic - they seem to know how to have a good time and

A Vatican cardinal said Thursday the faithful should listen to what secular modern science has to offer, warning that religion risks turning into "fundamentalism" if it ignores scientific reason.FOXNews.com.