Sam Harris vs. Dennis Prager

Sam Harris, the author of the 'End of Faith',
puts the wood to a talk show host -
Why Are Atheists So Angry? A Debate with Dennis Prager :: Sam Harris

See also: Richard Dawkins


Been saying this for a while.

The Dilbert Blog: Atheists: The New Gays

More fonts for Tobermory

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The Hole that Mike Shula's made.

Saturday I tried to fill the hole that Mike Shula's made in my stomach with Key Lime Pie and Swiss Cake Rolls (and Ribs and Steak). The empty feeling I get when I think about our football team that was never there before, even in 1984 or 1998. It comes partially from the guilt I feel for wanting him gone, and the rest from the obvious fact that he's just not very good. Cecil Hurt has the same feeling - CECIL HURT: Does Alabama have the best coach it could have? | TideSports.com

Only a matter of time...

Wanted: man to land on killer asteroid and gently nudge it from path to Earth


Oddly enough.

I watched about 30 minutes of this guy the other day & thought, "He's charismatic but not really funny," and turned it off - now CNN's caught up with me - Is Dane Cook the funniest man in America? - CNN.com.


Time Waster - WSJ.com


More Conservatives Bail.

Breaking the Silence

Reading Daniel Dennett makes me happy.

Edge: THANK GOODNESS! by Daniel C Dennett - Yes, I did have an epiphany. I saw with greater clarity than ever before in my life that when I say "Thank goodness!" this is not merely a euphemism for "Thank God!" (We atheists don't believe that there is any God to thank.) I really do mean thank goodness! There is a lot of goodness in this world, and more goodness every day, and this fantastic human-made fabric of excellence is genuinely responsible for the fact that I am alive today.