A Post for Emily

Emily McMackin, who is the Current Page Editor for the Decatur Daily, contacted me for an article she's writing on blogging, probably vastly overestimating my usefulness.
A little Googling indicates that she's an award-winning journalist & a fellow Alabama grad who has a a number of her articles posted at other sites, including: MOVE International, Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform, and a mental retardation textbook.

Here is the list of prominent blog's I said I would post:
Instapundit, Andrew Sullivan, Dynamist Blog,
Geek Culture: boingboing, slashdot,
Gadgets: Gizmodo & Engadget, Moblogs: textamerica, and The linkblog: FARK.

I think she's actually more interested in "people blogs" than this stuff, but I said I would, so I have. Good luck Emily, please e-mail if the article materializes in print or online. -mr

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