Week in Review pt. IV - Internet

- Daily I check Drudge, FARK, and BoingBoing for what's going on in the world.
- I check for the newest stuff at popurls.
- Lately I've added the science fiction blog from Gawker - io9. It's pop sci-fi with a lot of lists and links, but usually worth the time.
- lifehack.org is my favorite productivity blog, with lifehacker.com alongside. I probably need to compile a list of these to check weekly.
- I like the goal of The Art of Manliness - we'll see if it's any good.

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msmorodov said...

popurls ofcourse cool, but from all news aggregators i prefer http://needfornews.com
they give tag cloud, so you dont need to read all titles to understand wtf s going today