No complaints

My leg was too sore to run more than a couple of blocks this morning & my team lost the conference championship this evening. But the truth is I'm not really unhappy or particularly disappointed. I've been working out regularly since April and I'm in such better shape and feel better than I have in years. It was fun being out at the track team fundraiser/run with the Austin people and my friends. As for football, Alabama vastly overachieved, is way ahead of our rivals and doing things the way they should be done. Considering the alternatives - things are still going pretty well. No complaints.

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Alan said...

I was able to jog for a little over 1/3 of a mile yesterday, and I'm about to go under 15 minutes for my first mile. So far no problems with the ankles or knees, which I attribute to getting a good pair of NB shoes. I went with the 1011 model. A little more expensive, but well worth it so far.