Sometimes I really want to coach football

Can't help myself when it comes to this.
These people are my tribe after all.


Roach said...

I knew what this was a video of before I clicked on it. I have seen it dozens of times, yet every time it plays I have to watch it all the way through. You, Billy, and Mendez to thank for that did more than your fair share to instill that insanity in me. For that my friend, I give you my sincerest thanks.

GateTree said...

Even when I try to tone it down, something like that video can just overwhelm me. We have to identify with somegroup/something, and there are much worse things than what we have. Shouting, "Get in the end zone son," in an empty house to someone who did so a long time ago & getting emotional about it may be insane, but I don't want to live without that feeling.